Value Proposition

Save Thousands a Year with On-Tap Services to Support & Grow Your Business


Why choose membership?

Save thousands of pounds a year in hiring Professional Services

Avoid unnecessary spend so you can keep more of your hard-earned money.

Access to comprehensive On-Tap Skills and Resources

Everything your business needs to grow in a competitive consumer market.

Limited membership numbers within the Shared Fair Use Service Model

Ensures a better response time and availability.

Exclusive Monthly Member’s Newsletter

Regular marketing insights and up and coming member’s related news.

Membership Exclusive Offers within the Business Elite Club

Members benefit Members.

You receive a Membership Fee Guarantee Certificate

You will only ever pay the fee you start with/future +VAT will be the only additional change.

If you don’t have a Website, one will be created for you

Finally have your business professionally represented Online.

If you have a current Website and want to keep it, no problem

You have the option for us to become your Webmaster, facilitating maintenance and updates.

Have your Website/Domain hosted within your BEC Membership

Remove unnecessary spend on additional Website Hosting and Domain Renewal Fees.

Unlimited Professional Emails

Benefit from email accounts if your website is hosted within your BEC Membership.

Over the Phone and On-Site Support to help in any way, we can

Response within 1-2 Business Working Days.

No long-term contractual commitment

You have nothing to lose, you can relinquish your membership place at any time, it will then be offered to someone else.